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A rare boy, with the ability to love with all his heart. He is sensitive, and he will give everything he has to the one he loves. He can be moody at times, and he doesn't like to open up unless he feels absolutely comfortable. He is citrus-scented. He is usually very athletic, but can get frustrated easily. He is caring, loving, and is in tune with how others are feeling. Graysons usually like to help others, and sometimes Graysons give more of themselves than they should. They are always good-looking. Graysons usually find more luck than the average person. Sometimes they need someone to provide a little direction, and then they'll get on track. Mostly, Graysons are excellent people to have around, as they are the perfect friend and an amazing lover. Graysons are good in bed because of their rarity. A Grayson is genuine, loving, and is rare. So if you find one, don't let him go!
by flowerchild30000 February 04, 2010
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A rare name that means "sexy mofo"
Hello Grayson.
by Jerimiah Bullfrog August 20, 2009
He's an amazing guy. Some say that he's very caring, and loves his girlfriend. He has a great sence of style, and is a very good kisser. He treats his girlfriend nice, and makes his friends be jealous. He would rather spend his free time cuddling with his girlfriend while watching movies. He loves to wisper "I love you" in her ear, and kiss her on her forhead. He likes to make his girfriend feel special, and warm inside. If you ever find one, Don't ever let him go. He's perfect. He's someone that you'll never want to leave.
I got a Grayson, Do you?
by 11232010 December 11, 2010
Grayson is the biggest doofball. He has a massive schlong and knows how to treat a girl right. He's sassy and sensitive and some may think he's gay for his best friend Tommy (see other definition).
Mary: Wow that guy has a huge dick!

Carol: Yep, that's Grayson.
by Big bootang March 01, 2013
Graysons are amazing guys that will treat the girls so nice you could not even imagine. He is brutally honest. One of the funniest guys you can ever met in your life. So if you ever meet one, keep a hold of them!
"Oh my gosh" Grayson is amazing!!
by quotemaster November 26, 2013
A very nice guy. He's particularly good with the ladies, and knows how to please a woman, he is very handsome and athletic and pretty much wins at life. His schlong is a lady killer and if you have a Grayson, make sure to keep him!
"Is that God's brother?"
"No, that's just Grayson"
by Batman June 02, 2014
A guy who cares more about other people's well being more than his, and would take a bullet for his friends and fam. He is also very loving for his girlfriend, usually kisses on forehead. Graysons also usually wear darker shades of clothing, mostly hoodies and jerseys.
I have a Grayson do you?
by The Some Raging Guy February 21, 2015

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