To engage in the smoking of methamphetamine with a group of friends/and or bitches.
in the ghetto guys tell hookers " hey bitch, you gonna repay for that poof sesh now?"

bitches love poofin'

You gotta lick the tip before you get the sack.
by B.b Barbie August 28, 2013
V. when someone is hit by an extremely weak force and the person who created the force thinks they are really strong
My brother poofed me to prove a point, I laughed.
by A1R DOG November 08, 2009
Noun. "Promise. On. Our. Friendship." This is the ULTIMATE promise. You break it, our friendship is over.
"I POOF I did not call you that behind your back." "I POOF I won't flake on you again."
by kissthisrump February 04, 2010
The act of farting through your penis.
It looks like a deflating balloon. I just made my bitch queef then shortly after i poofed in her face. Being cool may lead to cronic poofinf disease. I just poofed.
by poof on me May 10, 2011

Stands for:


aka a whore or a slut.
Guy 1: Dude those chicks are hot! Totally want to hit that
Guy 2: Bad idea, man. They're obviously POOFs.
Guy 1: What the heck is a POOF?
Guy 2: Ya know... People Obviously Over Fucking.. like a whore or a slut..
by P.O.O.F. Creater December 19, 2009
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