Slang for a big time drug dealer, who supplies lesser drug dealers with their drugs. Also referred to as a drug 'connect'
'I think my plug from outer space, man/because his number is so crazy, man' -Gucci Mane
by bunjamin April 25, 2010
Something Arthur Weasley collects.
"Ah yes, I can see the plugs. I collect plugs."
by Mynoduespseydonym13 May 05, 2009
-When someone hooks it up with something you need, or does a really nice favor.

-When the weed dealer puts in more weed in your sack, its called a "plug".
You gave me 10 bucks?? PLUG!
by nastynate011 December 31, 2010
Drug connection someone whom you get your drugs from...

Better known as the connect.

The person you always want to see when u are dry.
I need to call my plug...he said he was coming to drop something off.
by shyface89 January 25, 2014
To give positive publicity and/or promotion of an item/object/company/event to a listening audience.
Do you want me to throw in a plug for your event at this dinner I'm going to?

I'm here because I want to give a plug for my friend about his new business.
by Mancunian0489 October 04, 2011
An individual/entity which serves no (or negligible) purpose or function within the relevant context.
X: Look who's the new captain of the Leafs hahahah
Y: Phaneuf is a plug.
by ohaiiiiiiiii June 25, 2010
(verb) to fuck someone.
1. Wow, I would plug her. Would you?
2. I would plug that guys ass.
by racingweasels July 24, 2009

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