To make a girl pregnant, more typically used by Caribbean people.
Boy 1: "She the type of girl you wan' Plug."
Boy 2: "Real, she would make some beautiful babies."
by DrPlug March 06, 2011
A brown boy named Austin.
The Plug freaked out when someone said that hockey folk did not coin the word plug.
by Frankiayyy November 29, 2010
Player learning under guidance. A.K.A a noob. used in sports.
Bill you plug ! get your head in the game son!
by Ed.Gain August 15, 2010
An individual/entity which serves no (or negligible) purpose or function within the relevant context.
X: Look who's the new captain of the Leafs hahahah
Y: Phaneuf is a plug.
by ohaiiiiiiiii June 25, 2010
A wanna be gangster. Some one that thinks there a thug but are far from it.
Tony is a such a plug. He let Joe take his shoes and Jacket without resistance.
by gurjo June 13, 2010
1. worthless

2. to shoot someone, especially to death

3. positive publicity

4. to give positive publicity

5. to copulate
Your pet is totally plug.
by The Return of Light Joker March 27, 2010
a term used in the boston area that is another word for dip, or chewing tobacco. plug can mean many differant types of chew but most likely grizzly snuff. the phrase was coined in 2008 by sean m. costello of sea street in north weymouth, massachusetts. a person who plugs is known as a "plugger"

verb;- pluggin'
kid: dude what are you doing?
plugger: throwin in some plug you dumb-ass!!
kid: oh, what kind?
plugger: grizzly wintergreen, its what the pros use
kid: wow i wana plug one day
hot girl: hey kid with the plug, will u plug me?
by davedarling February 15, 2010

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