A tampon. Also known as a "spark plug."
"Honey, can you pick me up some spark plugs on the way home?"
(Before sex...) "Hold on, let me take out my plug."
by Crickett6969 June 15, 2008
A word to describe someone as stupid and retarded, but in a confusingly nice way as well.
God damn Cam is SUCH a plug....
That lecture was the biggest plugshow ever
Look, it's a plug!!!
Pasha, you're really plugging up that test
You have a tiny plug
by Svveeney June 10, 2008
A device used to insert vaginally during menstration
She really needs to change her plug!
by Da Pimpstress January 24, 2008
A link to one website from another website. A link that is usualy linked in an article, a news update, or a linkdump.
A term usualy used by webmasters.
Wow, my site got plugged by camelstyle.net, and my server crashed from all the traffic.
by Nextri June 26, 2007
1. A term used to express excitement when you are deemed with a good situation
2. often known as a butt plug used for sex play (between ian and gina)
3. used in the term Plug me when you want to get something such as marijuana
1. Family Lawyer: Your old grandmother whom you never liked just passed away a violent death of fighting aids, you will now recieve her 34 million dollar estate.
Josh Fricano: PLUG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
2. Ian: So Gina, I'm feeling quite adventurous this evening, would you like to stick this butt plug in my rectum?
Gina: I'd love to Ian, please let me!
Ian:(another example to #1)PLUG!!!!!
3. McSoccer: you got that bag(in referring to an ounce of marijuana)?
Sheed: Plug me, yeah i do.
McSoccer: real fuckin' plug.
by cunt boy March 21, 2007
A device that is inserted into the rectum, generally for sexual pleasure
My man used a butt plug on me last night. It was the first time I had ever had one, and it was FANTASTIC!
by Panchoman Jr. November 02, 2006
1. To stab someone.

2. To be ugly, like Plug from the Bash Street Kids.
1. He was getting lippy so I plugged the cunt several times around the head and neck with a screwdriver, one of those Stanley ones with the red handle, yes I have a whole set of them!

2. Check that ugly bastard, what a plug man!
by Michael Lyons August 13, 2006

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