another word for tampon.
Janet: "hey Mary, do you have an extra plug, I'm surfing the crimson!"
by Angelwings123 January 26, 2012
Some who takes up valuable space, time, money or anything of those sorts. can be used as a derrogitory term
started in burnaby.
1. Remember marcus naslund? what a plug!

2. Hey toebby! YOU PLUG!
by Pluggy McPluggerson March 10, 2011
To make a girl pregnant, more typically used by Caribbean people.
Boy 1: "She the type of girl you wan' Plug."
Boy 2: "Real, she would make some beautiful babies."
by DrPlug March 06, 2011
A brown boy named Austin.
The Plug freaked out when someone said that hockey folk did not coin the word plug.
by Frankiayyy November 29, 2010
Player learning under guidance. A.K.A a noob. used in sports.
Bill you plug ! get your head in the game son!
by Ed.Gain August 15, 2010
Verb. To block the passages of one or more body orifices of your partner with your cock.
Yo, last night was sick brah. I plugged like five bitches and they were begging for more.
by f*tron-3000 February 20, 2009
A derogatory adjective describing someone who is a nerd, loser, weirdo, or someone who does something idiotic.
It can be used interchangeably with the word tool
It describes one deficient in judgment and good sense.
Kyle: Last night I had a fight with the pavement.
Sam: You are such a plug.
by samantha02050 December 06, 2008

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