A wanna be gangster. Some one that thinks there a thug but are far from it.
Tony is a such a plug. He let Joe take his shoes and Jacket without resistance.
by gurjo June 13, 2010
A tampon. Use of this slang for "tampon" was made popular in the 1976 horror movie, "Carrie," starring Sissy Specek and based on a Stephen King novel. In the movie there is a scene where Carrie, showering after gym class at school, begins to menstruate for the first time. She is frightened because her extremely religious mother had never told her about periods. Carrie, no stranger to classmate bullying, is teased about this and the girls in the shower chant, "plug it up, plug it up, plug it up" while throwing tampons at her.
Girl to friend: Let's go swimming.
Friend: I can't. I just started my period.
Girl to Friend: So? Plug it up and let's hit the beach!
by SG from PA January 30, 2009
Yet another slang term for having sex with somebody, whether anal or vaginal.
Oh man it's on, I am definitely gonna plug that girl tonight!
by Kirk Davenport May 05, 2006
Receiving more than was paid for or a "hook up".
He plugged us, a dub for 15.
by Chris Grey December 25, 2005
V. 1. the act of sexual intercourse, usually with a very filthy intent
Person 1: "Ohhhh, BoA... you would plug?"
by Ross Yamamoto December 22, 2004
A brown boy named Austin.
The Plug freaked out when someone said that hockey folk did not coin the word plug.
by Frankiayyy November 29, 2010
Verb. To block the passages of one or more body orifices of your partner with your cock.
Yo, last night was sick brah. I plugged like five bitches and they were begging for more.
by f*tron-3000 February 20, 2009

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