Top Definition
That Kid everyone knows.
Dude, you are on your way to becoming the next Peebles.
by Peepants123 November 07, 2010
Scottish nipple
och, I've got a sore peeble.
by nobberman July 23, 2003
the biggest fucking douche bag ever
"Peebles you fucking douche bag, get the fuck off my skittles!"
by contraband October 17, 2004
Some idiot who claims that he can win any Warcraft 3 team game, as long as he has a good economy and a "horse hero" (arch mage). This, despite the fact that his win ratio is about 30%.
Peebles is an uber n00ber.
by z0rz November 26, 2003

2.One who quits after only one or two games despite previously declaring the desire to play all night.
Peebles is le tired and won't play anymore, what an ubernoob.
by Satchel November 24, 2003
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