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A link to one website from another website. A link that is usualy linked in an article, a news update, or a linkdump.
A term usualy used by webmasters.
Wow, my site got plugged by camelstyle.net, and my server crashed from all the traffic.
by Nextri June 26, 2007
8 11
A device that is inserted into the rectum, generally for sexual pleasure
My man used a butt plug on me last night. It was the first time I had ever had one, and it was FANTASTIC!
by Panchoman Jr. November 02, 2006
10 13
Receiving more than was paid for or a "hook up".
He plugged us, a dub for 15.
by Chris Grey December 25, 2005
36 39
to shoot some one with a gun
what happen there...it looks like some one got plugged
by Sincere February 27, 2005
12 15
an ad for a small business or company on another community-based site.

"watch those shameless plugs, yo!"
by no one in particular April 28, 2003
9 12
To make a girl pregnant, more typically used by Caribbean people.
Boy 1: "She the type of girl you wan' Plug."
Boy 2: "Real, she would make some beautiful babies."
by DrPlug March 06, 2011
0 4
A brown boy named Austin.
The Plug freaked out when someone said that hockey folk did not coin the word plug.
by Frankiayyy November 29, 2010
4 8