to shoot some one with a gun
what happen looks like some one got plugged
by Sincere February 27, 2005
i)to ask for something
ii)to go somewhere
iii)To hang around
i) Can I plug a cigarette offa you?
ii) I'm gonna plug up to Sooly's house later to grab some ketamine
iii)Dezzie is plugging around here somewhere
by Dan Josuttno December 20, 2004
an ad for a small business or company on another community-based site.

"watch those shameless plugs, yo!"
by no one in particular April 28, 2003
another word for tampon.
Janet: "hey Mary, do you have an extra plug, I'm surfing the crimson!"
by Angelwings123 January 26, 2012
Some who takes up valuable space, time, money or anything of those sorts. can be used as a derrogitory term
started in burnaby.
1. Remember marcus naslund? what a plug!

2. Hey toebby! YOU PLUG!
by Pluggy McPluggerson March 10, 2011
To make a girl pregnant, more typically used by Caribbean people.
Boy 1: "She the type of girl you wan' Plug."
Boy 2: "Real, she would make some beautiful babies."
by DrPlug March 06, 2011
Player learning under guidance. A.K.A a noob. used in sports.
Bill you plug ! get your head in the game son!
by Ed.Gain August 15, 2010

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