A brown boy named Austin.
The Plug freaked out when someone said that hockey folk did not coin the word plug.
by Frankiayyy November 29, 2010
Player learning under guidance. A.K.A a noob. used in sports.
Bill you plug ! get your head in the game son!
by Ed.Gain August 15, 2010
(verb) to fuck someone.
1. Wow, I would plug her. Would you?
2. I would plug that guys ass.
by racingweasels July 24, 2009
ally spencer
mac "ally is dumb"

portia "no shes a plug"
by macdaddy898 April 28, 2009
A derogatory adjective describing someone who is a nerd, loser, weirdo, or someone who does something idiotic.
It can be used interchangeably with the word tool
It describes one deficient in judgment and good sense.
Kyle: Last night I had a fight with the pavement.
Sam: You are such a plug.
by samantha02050 December 06, 2008
1. To stab someone.

2. To be ugly, like Plug from the Bash Street Kids.
1. He was getting lippy so I plugged the cunt several times around the head and neck with a screwdriver, one of those Stanley ones with the red handle, yes I have a whole set of them!

2. Check that ugly bastard, what a plug man!
by Michael Lyons August 13, 2006
1.) A variety of chewing tobacco, sold as a bar of tightly compressed, cured tobacco leaves compressed between sheets of brown paper or whole tobacco leaves. Plug tobacco is commonly cured with mollasses. While less common than many years ago, plug tobacco is still manufactured: "Day's Work" is a common brand. Remnants of the plug-making process are sold as scrap, where the loose leaf material is packed in a bag.

2.) The wad of plug or scrap tobacco that is held between the cheek and gum, often producing a bulging appearance on the side of the face. This, along with spitting, was once a common sight when it was a fad for baseball players to chew plug tobacco during a game.
Damn, I need a chew - where's my plug?
by Rod Brock July 26, 2006

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