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an incredibly stupid 4 hour or so programing block on cartoon network that shows very stupid anime shows.
Loser: OMG!!! totaly spies is on miguzi!!!
person: oh you mean totally lesbians?
by bleep February 18, 2005
a person who sucks penis after it has been in their own asshole
that girl is a dirty cocksucker she will clean your dick with her mouth after you fuck her in the ass
by bleep December 23, 2003
a city in present-day Tunisia, but in ancient Roman times it was home to the Carthaginians. The carthage empire extended into spain, much of north africa, corsica, sardina, and sicily. Fought against the Romans in the 3 Punic wars in which they lost in all. The great Hannibal was also a general for the Carthaginians.
Carthage was cool because they had war elephants!
by bleep March 08, 2005
an illegal underage boy whore's gaping asshole
kid you need to get out and sell that boygina andmake soe money
by bleep December 11, 2003
an intense moment of joy brought about from something related to star wars, such as watching the brand-new trailer for the upcoming star wars movie. see also: geekgasm
The new EP.3 trailer gave me a 5 minute starwargasm.
by bleep March 12, 2005
body jewlery worn in the ear after being stretched
Did you see her cool new plugs?
by bleep September 01, 2003
see squally
damn cops are everywhere
by bLEEp January 02, 2004

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