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Adjective. A word used to describe someone who is completly and entirly useless.
Holy Shit Peebles you fucking Plug!
by BMOUNZ May 02, 2005
Someone who is dumber than a 'Tool,' this person is described as a "Tool Box"
Jesus tity fucking christ is she a fucking Tool Box, WOW.
by BMOUNZ May 02, 2005
See Oakville

Also known as jokeville, Cokeville, smokeville, tokeville, oaktown, o town, o dizzle, civ
YO BOI, we need to seriously hit up the oaktown
by BMOUNZ April 29, 2005
Noun. A word used to describe satisfaction or great pleasure, this word can most commonly be found in oakville
YO, this is such a sick buzz right now
by BMOUNZ May 01, 2005
Commonly used to describe a man (male) who demonstrates extrodinary skills in being gay (Homosexual).
Wow Rick you really are the gayest person I know, You Fucking Bum Plumber.
by BMOUNZ June 22, 2006
Used to describe a form of Rasta slang
Yo Rich, G'uuuurd

Yo Inno, g'uuuurd
by BMOUNZ May 01, 2005

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