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A synonym for Niggerfaggot
Can i have a definition?
pineapple. Really? No not really.
by Jnix121212 December 15, 2007
840 767
Rarely used slang for vagina.
I'm gonna kiss your eyes
Then I'm gonna kiss your neck
Then I'm gonna kiss your tummy
Then I'm gonna kiss your PINEAPPLE (whoo!)
--The B-52's: "Strobe Light"
by dingo727 May 14, 2006
206 139
A Pineapple is the fifty dollar note in Australian currency.
I found a pineapple on the ground at the bar and it covered my drinks for the night.
by Holden M. Caulfield December 30, 2005
266 204
An Australian $50 note.
(It is yellow/gold clour).
Every note has a name. (see piglet, pavarotti/tenner, lobster, treefrog)
the dealer said it was $45, I only had 2 lobster's(Australian $20 note) so I gave him my last pineapple.
by Diego June 24, 2003
149 110
Mild euphemism used to refer to an adult female's external genitalia. See also mound and vagina.
A contraceptive sponge was in that pineapple, in a bikini bottom under the sea.
by Frakseno March 13, 2006
87 73
a pineapple is someone who is brunette on the outside but a stereotypical blonde dumbass on the inside.
she's got brown hair but i swear she acts like one of those blonde bitches that say the word 'like' 10 times per sentence... fuckin pineapple....
by mary jane January 15, 2004
477 465
A word that has become synonymous with being cute, It was derived as means of taking all the positive connotations that come with the word cute and abandon its sarcastic and demeaning undertones.
person A: Hey i saw what you did earlier today, that was really pineapple.

person B: Oh im so glad you said pineapple, for a second there i thought you were being sarcastic.
by kathemsaher365 December 29, 2011
43 33