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A large oval-shaped, spikey fruit that is theoretically rammed up somebodys arse by a superior when somebody fucks up at work.

Origin: Underground coal mining industry- Newcastle, Australia
"I'm going to get a pineapple over that"

"Trev got a pineapple this morning"
by Tabasco Spitty December 01, 2011
2 0
putting your scrotum in someone's face.
I would like to pineapple you.
by shoebagel October 14, 2011
5 3
the best fruit ever that is the better then sex, weed, alchol, or tactical nukes and that only lames are allergic to.
Dude look at that pineapple covering her tits.
by lawnmower owner 12 March 17, 2010
5 3
said when one answers the phone mid-sexual activity, signals the person calling to call back in an hour.
Son of a bitch, Mike went to his girlfriend's house so when i called to find out where he was, he pineapple'd me
by The Reverend Sychnine Twitch December 14, 2008
10 8
1. A tropical fruit with a yellow interior and a rigid spiked exterior.

2. The world's most painful sex toy.
1. I ate a pineapple this morning.

2. A shoved a pineapple up my ass this morning. It gave me tropical orgasms.
by The man who stares at pandas August 21, 2013
2 1
A Pineapple is truly the most amazing, spectacular thing of the human race. It is a thing of beauty, something that should be worshipped and loved by all that know it. The Pineapple is truly superior to such average fruits as the apple, pear and lemon. The only fruit that comes close to a pineapple is the Nectarine but still the Pineapple is in a different league to all these.

The Pineapple is said to have solved both World War 2 and Amy Winehouse's drug problems, both potentially fatal events. It is a great companion of Ghandi and has also been called king upon men - great words spoken by Stephen Hawking as the Pineapple is about the only thing that keeps him sane.

The last fact of the Pineapple is that I have some in my fruit bowl. Also buy them from Tescos or Morrisons as the rest taste like a very dirty bottom.
Woah, there's a Pineapple over there and Oh My GOD he's looking at us!
by pineapple-lover August 11, 2010
2 1
a code word used to ask a friend if they would fuck the girl he points to. it is replyed with either "slice it" for yes or "squash it" for no
(chaka)hey martin "pineapple" that chick in the yellow
(martin)dude "slice it" chick got ass for days
(chaka) what her friend, pineapple?
(martin) eww "squash it", she has no body what so ever
(chaka) lmao
by monkeyjutsu July 06, 2009
11 10