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something that has NO BUISNESS being on pizza
"pineapple on pizza is inexcusible"
by el Sethro February 28, 2005
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1 a large juicy tropical fruit consisting of aromatic edible yellow flesh surrounded by a tough segmented skin and topped with a tuft of stiff leaves.
2 the widely cultivated tropical American plant that bears this fruit. It is low-growing, with a spiral of spiny sword-shaped leaves on a thick stem. • Ananas comosus, family Bromeliaceae.
Wow, Dave! The pineapples in Hawaii were much better than those in the places to which they are exported!
by ThisismeandIknowSTUFF April 12, 2009
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An incredibly delicious and sweet fruit which may be used as an underwater residence for sponges but is most popularly used as a sweetening agent for the male ejaculation.
Dude 1: <Looking sad>
Dude 2: What happened Dude 1?
Dude 1: You're my best friend Dude 2, you've gotta help me out here. My girlfriend refuses to give me a bj, because my cum is too salty.
Dude 2: You've come to the right guy. The answer is - Pineapples.

Next day-

Dude 1: You asshole! You told me to use pineapples to get my girlfriend to give me a bj. She's in the goddamn ER now!
Dude 2: What?!
Dude 1: I smashed the pineapple on her head so she would give me a freakin' bj, but she landed up in the hospital!
Dude 2: You mother fucking waste of oxygen, you had to EAT the fucking pineapple to make your cum sweet! You're a bloody moron!
Dude 1: Ohhhh... My bad
by DoraTheExplosive August 15, 2012
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Safety word when someone thinks you are bullshitting. Saying the word pineapple means you are telling the truth . Falsely saying pineapple means you are not a trustworthy person and no one will believe anything that you say.
Cam: Jimmy you're about to get hit by a car.

Jimmy: pineapple ?

Cam:pineapple !

Jimmy : thanks Cam, i better watch where I'm going . Fuck I'm an idiot.
by Bigggsy August 03, 2013
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A pineapple is a fruit. It is common to tropical areas and super markets. It is also a natural laxative (first hand experience). It is a main ingredient in dozens of recipes from being a pizza topping to part of a fruit kabab. It is also the nickname of the Mk 2 hand grenade.

Frank spent the rest of the afternoon destroying his toilet after eating 5 whole pineapples.
by Socialist Drummer May 02, 2012
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An assist given to a hockey player that has chiseled it from the bench by yelling out his number as the referee skates by. pine=bench, apple=assist.
"turns sniped a solid fivey goal, while morris sat on the bench and padded his stats with a beauty pineapple."
by flyers92 February 03, 2010
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An expression that comedian Kevin Hart used in his stand up "Laugh At My Pain", he says the word whenever he feels uncomfortable, or doesn't want or like something.
Guy : So your place or mines?
Lady: Pineapple
Guy: ... *confused expression*
Lady: You go to yours and I'll head to mine.. *Walks away*

by GoogleMasterHoe May 27, 2013
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