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When you use your hips to swing your penis in a circular motion like the blades on a windmill.
Right before I came, I pulled out and did the windmill so it went everywhere.
by Joe Rogue November 15, 2007
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When you are fucking a girl and you spin her around on your cock so that she's in a different position or if you're good enough You can land her in the same position.
Also possible with anal sex. Straight and gay.
So I was fucking this chick doggy style last night and I did The Windmill so that she was on her back so that I could see her tits.
by BlueBear May 23, 2009
while doing a girl from behind you swing your arms around like a windmill and then smack firmly on the ass
"i just gave your mom the windmill and it was the most glorious windmill in all the land"
by G-rey September 11, 2006

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