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British Geordie slang meaning "give me".
"Giz a go"

"Giz a drink"

"Giz a ciggy"
by Mike Scott January 28, 2005
The male human reproductive cells that combine with seamen, which result in a sticky, white substance. To heterosexual females and homosexual males, it tastes like sodium.
I gotta giz!
I'm gizzing!
Let me giz in your female genitalia
by Atomic-KPX February 03, 2003
verb. to unintentionally cause a separation in gmail conversation threads due to the use of an incompatible email client.
(looking over the shoulder of someone's gmail inbox)

"woah, dude, why you got so many email threads for da same conversatio?"

"some guy's using hotmail or summat, and has gizzed all over it!"
by J-drizzle May 24, 2013
Short for Gizmo. Not sexually related
It;s pronounced with a hard "G"
Hey Giz. ^^
by Indignant Gizmo October 18, 2003
A rather minuscule (between 5'4 and 5'6) half man, half wolverine creature who tends to be rather irritable, especially when NOT under the influence of copious amounts of marijuana. Rarely, if ever, brings anything to the table (other than dat kill), and, if provoked (by boredom), can become extremely whiny. Incapable of keeping anything made of glass intact for longer than a period ranging from 2 days to 3 months, the giz constantly finds himself making downtown runs to re-up on bongs/bubblers/pipes/grinders etc. Although good-natured at heart, the giz can often times be completely intolerable, though copious amounts of marijuana are known to help. Do not expect the giz to be well-mannered, neat, or helpful in any way shape or form, as these traits are all against its most basic of principles. Its only known relatives are the elusive K Giz, and its mentally challenged sibling, S Giz.

Pronounced with a soft "g", as in giraffe.
Synonyms include: Milt Pappas, Gizpap, Pap Master General, and coon.

Can be used as an adjective, i.e. gizlean, to describe something obnoxious, irritating, and on occasion, amusing.
The giz is a difficult specimen to provide an accurate example of, but you know when you are dealing with one.

And heaven help you if you are.
by GrandMasterPap June 18, 2008
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