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A bunch of snotty, old and bitchy women arguing, bickering or discussing asinine topics.
Rosie O Donnel needs to shut the fuck up, and so do all the other women on The View.
by Chris Malice April 02, 2007
A group of women discussing private matters openly and carelessly. (Noun, singular)
Perhaps The View over there should keep the talk about anal on the down low.
by Madame Sosostris June 29, 2006
a gabfest on early morning TV for middle-aged and older women who are famous who talk about politics, gossip, everything but their men and the power of their dicks. Sometimes the hosts get obnoxious and argue with each other.
I was waiting in the doctor's office and the stupid TV had nothing on but the View. That show ain't nothing but a glorified Tupperware party for celebrity bitches.
by Buckeye Starrider June 11, 2007
Indie band from dundee Scotland.Have had hits with wasted little dejays and same jeans. Their album cover is pretty and they are a fave band of mine =]
The View have had the same jeans on for 4 days now.
by Jessie init March 02, 2007
To some, it is a morning television program designed for women, on topics about women. To the rest of us, it's the chicken channel, for those times you've wandered what it feels like to step into a henhouse.
A: Honey, why is Whoopi Goldberg sitting at a table with a bunch of clucking hens?

B: No dear, that's that one tv show I was talking about, it's called The View... now be quiet, I want to hear what Barabra Walters is saying.
by you never saw me September 19, 2009
The city of Shoreview, Minnesota except with a modern twist. It has very high amounts of Marijuana and Alcohol. Many great parties are thrown here and the city is run by a group called the "Shoreview Thugs". This city has some dank buds. Period.
I'm not gonna miss that party in The View on Friday, it's for sure bout to be party of the year.
by Real Talk420 February 24, 2011
When a man bends over and spreads his cheeks revealing his asshole as well as his balls and cock.
My friend gave me the view today and i saw his hairy asshole.
by kumraag October 22, 2009
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