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The best band live. Its all about The Theory Of Harmonial Value. Best Album Ever.
Mo friggen' neen
by Anthony April 26, 2004

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awesome..and i have to keep typing because this gay site says my definition is too short
are we really happy with who we are right now?
by me March 08, 2004
sometimes typed .moneen. a group of fun-loving young fellows from Ontario, Canada, who are easy to talk to, play killer live shows, and tour extensively. Record labels: smallman/ vagrant
Hey Justin--were you at the moneen show last year? I can't wait until they come back here...
by ugly flower March 10, 2004
the best band ever! they're an emo canadian band, and there's a hippy in it. haha i'm the first one to define moneen. 20-something definitons for TBS but none for these amazing guys... now there's one!
you should get MONEEN's newest album
"are we really happy with who we are right now?"
by imamoneenfreak November 20, 2003