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The miracle that is: when you take a shit and you don't need to wipe
Holy Fuck!! I just took a shit and there was only one piece of toilet paper left. But it's cool because it was a phantom
by Eamo420 February 20, 2011
2 3
Used in the sport of hockey, when another player gets credit for a goal or assist that rightfully belonged to a fellow teammate.
Parrish: "Hey ref, throw down #88 for that assist!"

Boyd: "No man, I passed the puck!"

Ref: "Wow Parrish! Stop being such a fuckin phantom!!"
by MerrilRiv November 24, 2009
1 2
you bang a girl in front of a living room window and you have your friend sneak up and take your place...then you go outside and make ur hands into a batman mask and jump in front of the window and then when she realizes and looks back your friend has the batman mask on too
Jackie Leung got phantomed by her boyfriend and his best friend.
by jackie leung February 07, 2007
8 9
A pump paintball marker produced by CCI. It has an unlimited amount of configurations from modified pump to pseudo stock class. Weighs almost nothing yet is more durable than most markers out there. The stock barrel is more accurate than most aftermarket barrels for any guns.
I say pseudo stock class because it has an autotrigger and ported barrel (unless you get a different one). It is still accepted in most stock class tournaments.
You don't want to be on the recieving end of a Phantom, trust me.
by anonymous September 11, 2005
13 14
when u use the cloak of darkness to make your excape from a sexual interlude that is bound to be akward once the morning comes and the booze wears off
heather pulled a phantom and crept toward the door, weary of waking the gentleman snoring in the bed
by elle March 15, 2005
9 10
a girl with no ass wearing tight-fitting clothing to give the illusion of booty
me: 'damn that girl's got ass yo!'

baz: 'nah man, i'm gonna call that out as phantom! it looks like booty cos she's wearing a tight skirt but that shits gonna disappear in a pair of jeans yo!'
by thicklover October 24, 2012
0 2
Taking a dump then looking down to find nothing there because it has disappeared down the depths of the toilet.
Guy 1 "dude did you just take a crap"
Guy 2 "yeah man"
Guy 1 "you didn't flush?"
Guy 2 "oh it was a phantom, no flush needed"
by bangbangbam11 October 14, 2011
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