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The star of The Phantom of the Opera, most famously played by Michael Crawford (original cast) and Gerard Butler (2004 movie). The Phantom lives beneath the opera house, and tries to win Christine's love after hearing her sing as an understudy. He has faced a world of hatred and everyone thinks of him as nothing more than a cold-blooded murderer. Behind his murders, he is just an emotionally insecure man who had been outcast from society because of a facial defect when he was born, which he covers with the classic half-face mask. Truly, behind the mask, there is a beautiful man and a genius in music, art, and magic, whom most outcasts can relate to.
I absolutely love the phantom. It's just so sad that he went through so much pain.. *sobs*
by Squallet Kinjiri June 15, 2005
Only the biggest, baddest Broadway show EVER! PHANTOM OF THE OPERA ROCKS!!!
I got to see Phantom on Broadway for only $20!
by Hallie Corson September 24, 2004
after taking a shit you look down at the toilet bowl to notice there is nothing there. Often leading to confusion as to whether or not you actually dumped.

This confusion is furthered when you do a phantom ghosty
Gary: You look confused, Paul.

Paul: Yea.. I think I did a phantom, and when I wiped it was a ghosty!
by dcm89 January 26, 2010
A word commonly used in place of the word "fathom" by people who either don't know the difference or are simply ignorant. It is not the correct use of the word, as a phantom is a ghost and a fathom is a measure of nautical miles (so it is used as a verb when you cannot comprehend or "get to the bottom of" something); "phantom" is a noun, not a verb.
Dude1: Did you hear? Lindsay totally stood Quentin up yesterday!
Dude2: Really? Aw, I just can't phantom how someone could do that!
Dude1: Uh.... you mean fathom?
Dude2: What?
Dude1: *facepalm*
by Watashi Wo Korosu Kudasai January 15, 2010
Short for Phantom Regiment, an excellent drum corps who consistantly makes finals in DCI championships. Known for always keeping the good classical stuff on the field.
Cavies are the winner, but Phantom still has my heart. Their show in 89...
by dcifreak June 22, 2003
In law: Associate(s) or summer associate(s) included on reimbursement forms for lunch expenses who were not actually present at lunch on the day in question. Utilized for the purpose of evading per diem caps on lunch expenses while consuming gratuitous amounts of food and wine.
Summer associate (SA): (picking up phone) Hello?

Associate (A): Did you go to lunch today?

SA: Yeah, need a phantom?

A: Badly, we went all out at Dorsia this afternoon and I'm way over the budget.

SA: Hmmm. You can always use Zach. No one ever invites him to lunch.

A: Of course! He's the ideal phantom.
by Knut Hamsun October 05, 2008
1.(n) An intestinal phoenomenon in which an imminent bowel movement recedes, therfore ceasing its urgency.

2. (n) The self induced withholding of a bowel movement in order to finish something important.
I gave myself a Phantom while watching the end of Ninja Warrior.
by TheOtherSlobad September 14, 2007