To fabricate something
Charlie said he had sex with Mara, although his friends knew this was a phantom.
by DanielB3223 October 23, 2007
The act of fornicating with a woman to the point of climax, then beating her until she becomes disoriented and shooting your load so that she does not know which direction it came from.
Man, after I pulled a phantom on Krystal last night, she didn't know her ass from a whole in the ground.
by Davey and Ritchie October 17, 2007
The souls of individuals from an alien world which was destroyed. These beings resided on the Leonid Meteor, which landed on Earth in the early half of the twenty-first century.

The race was effectively destroyed by the release of a counteracting bioetheric wave.
You've come in contact with a Phantom, sir, please remain calm.
by Tim Kedojeh January 19, 2005
when making bow-chika-wow-wow with a girl you pull out and spit on her back and when she turns around you blow your load on her face
by Josh McEntire January 22, 2003
A bowel movement that requires tremendous force, but leaves no evidence in the bowl.
I think I got a hernia from that Phantom.
by Krakfeend January 24, 2016
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