a girl with no ass wearing tight-fitting clothing to give the illusion of booty
me: 'damn that girl's got ass yo!'

baz: 'nah man, i'm gonna call that out as phantom! it looks like booty cos she's wearing a tight skirt but that shits gonna disappear in a pair of jeans yo!'
by thicklover October 24, 2012
One who opens a website, then decides to close it. But then change their mind and re-open it a year later.

Also one who enjoys partying with fat black chicks.
"Yo man, what happened to the site?" - "Guess he pulled another Phantom."
by Budah09 June 05, 2009
a clown box which actually physically appears at work .
some phantom which sells bread with fillings
by Kenneth J dick May 16, 2008
When you are fucking and cannot cum so you fake an orgasm. Made famous by Teflon Thompson.
I was so drunk I just pulled a phantom.
by SusieS April 29, 2007
When you and a chick are doin it up, you spit on her back and moan and she turns around and you just GET her in the face!
Here comes the phantom
by SpiritMuffler June 22, 2004
The mysterious person who fouls the third floor restaurant at 200 Park Ave in Florham Park, NJ. The Phantom may have some dietary issues when he takes a Winnick
Apparently the Phantom was in the restroom because it smells like something died
by Chosney July 14, 2003
An individual who is so insignificant they are a mere apparition.
Check that cunt out, he's a phantom!
by Davie January 10, 2003

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