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A long lasting smile usually caused by the frivolous feel after a great session of sex. A great partner is required to achieve this higher plane of sexual satisfaction. Accompanies lightheadedness, temporary speech impendiment, being off balance, carelessness, blurred vision, and general sexual "outbursts"
He walked into the room with her, after five hours they both walked out stumbling with empty eyes and permagrins plastered to their faces.
by -Synthetik- September 19, 2006
The seemingly permanent smile that someone has after spending time with someone that they are very fond of, or doing something that they enjoy.
Kathi leaves work everyday with a Perma-grin. She must really love her job!

Look at the Prema-Grin that Christina is wearing this morning! I wonder who she was with last night?

by AnthonyOhio August 02, 2007
1) a blissfully wide post-coital grin indicative of particularly satisfying sex. usually indicates a strong sense of emotional closeness with the partner responsible for said sex. permagrin derrived from sex can often last for an entire day. this phenomenon is primarily experienced by females, but under certain circumstances can be found in males for the same reason.

2) a blank, complacent smile experienced after smoking an especially copious ammount of marijuana. permagrin will often fade once the initial high tapers off a bit, and the smoker regains cognitive abilities.

3) the blank, starry eyed grin which acompanies the ingestion of psychedelics. this type of permagrin typically occurs while observing something particularly prone to producing hallucinations, such as a moving light or toy.
1)Kim: "Wow... you've got permagrin. Have a good night?"
Jane: "Yep. Ten back to back orgasms. I love Reggie..."

2) Mike: "Heh... looks like those brownies are kicking in. Kev's totally got permagrin..."

3) Rich: "Is Raul tripping? He's been staring at that mirror for fifteen minutes with this permagrin on his face the entire time."
by sp00ki November 06, 2006
PerM A GriN = A state of real, complete, happiness, usually associated with a long lasting smile with blissfully wide post-coital grin. This blank, starry eyed grin is only experienced under rare conditions in the mountains, open freeways, water and occasionally Sky
Motorcycle + Loud AMAZING Music + Open Highway = PERMAGRIN

"He had a permagrin on his face from ear to ear. The blissful look was undeniable, This man is happy. . . . . "
by D.J Raynes September 21, 2009
a smile that never fades; a huge happy face all the time no matter what
That young lady has got a perma-grin on her that no one could possibly resist -- no one.
by tik-tiki August 30, 2008
The smile caused by compliments or flirting which is difficult to remove from ones face.
She developed a permagrin when she read the text message from her boyfriend.
by tallbrisboy March 22, 2010
A long-lasting, most likely goofy looking smile that does not go away for an extended period of time. This most likely happens when surrounded by awesome company, and great music in the middle of the ocean or on a tropical island.

The outward expression of absolute bliss.
Julie had permagrin the entire time she was rocking on the 311 Cruise ship!

Just the thought of the 311 cruise gives Julie permagrin!
by StoneyBaby November 14, 2012
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