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A curse word, usually containing 4 letters.
If thats the case i'll just bust out a few of my 4-letter sentence enhancers on your ass stinky.
by Jasper June 13, 2004
A common misspelling of the exclamation "oops!"
Opps! I tYpOed agAiN!!! lololololo
by Jasper February 03, 2004
An idyllic paradise full of the wonders of modern man. A tribute to mans’ endeavors to become a thinking intellectual being. A place where many want to exist but unfortunately only a few are able to make this dream a reality. A god like community whose soul purpose is to be a beacon of shining light to lesser areas and communities Myshall for example.
Fenagh where everybody knows your name
by jasper January 20, 2004
Mr.T is member of the A-Team and is bad as hell. Very famous on the internet in the Mr.t VS pages.
Mr T says: "Don't you be messin w' my van sucka! I like to meet som' suckas' .... crazy ass foo's caus i'm helluvatough".
by Jasper February 11, 2004

To slap somone with a spatula
Thats it, I'm going to spatulate you!
by Jasper June 08, 2004
The act of being so absolutely diu that you no longer are just diu, you are officialy a diusor. Used as a noun, the word means the opposite of l33tsor, and roxor. This word comes from the combination of cantonese and h4ck3r language. See Diu and roxor.
Dude, you're being lame, stop being sucha a diusor.
by Jasper February 14, 2005
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