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the act of bopping haphazardly around the internet by hitting the "stumble" button on an installed "" toolbar added to your browser--the button will take you to a random site of interest to you (based on preferences you set up before) that you are lead to "stumble upon" because others with similar interests liked it. "Stumbling" the internet is fast becoming an activity as understandable to computer regulars as what simple googling is known to be.
Yeah, ever since Roger downloaded his new SU toolbar, he's off stumbling for hours and tells all his friends googling for fun stuff can't hold a match to the great sites he finds when stumbling.
by galcoolest July 29, 2005
falling all over the place, usually when drunk.
Cassi was stumbling all over the place, spilling her beer.
by cati May 21, 2004
The act of using a wifi-detection program to check for open (and sometimes closed) WLAN networks. In other words, using a program to see if there's a wireless internet setup close enough that you could access or hack into it.
John and I were stumbling last night and we found a cool new hotspot, just outside of the gym!

I'm sorry I couldn't chat online with you last night, I was stumbling for hours but never got a strong enough signal.
by JoshM February 06, 2006
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