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A long lasting smile usually caused by the frivolous feel after a great session of sex. A great partner is required to achieve this higher plane of sexual satisfaction. Accompanies lightheadedness, temporary speech impendiment, being off balance, carelessness, blurred vision, and general sexual "outbursts"
He walked into the room with her, after five hours they both walked out stumbling with empty eyes and permagrins plastered to their faces.
by -Synthetik- September 19, 2006
A) Having sex with someone, heading out, and then coming back within hours of leaving. This usually involves significant others or friends with benefits, but for greater effect, strangers.
Person A: Hey, I just got back from the gym.
Person B: You're such a liar, you stink of sex and rubber.
Person A: Haha, how'd you know? :phone call: Well, hey I have to jet.
Person B: You going to double tap tonight aren't you?
by -synthetik- September 10, 2010
A situational act generally described as sex. A sexual activity performed by two or more people. As events rise the definition of sex itself will differ, often unbalancing the mental, spiritual, and physical aspects of it.

Sex is usually used as a tool for fleshly gratification (the physical, to fuck), to feel wanted (the mental, to have sex), and love making (the spiritual, to make love). Sex also does not have to involve penetration, such as oral sex, yet it's common. The most common would be vaginal penetration or anal penetration of the penis.
She fucked me until I got sick of sex itself.
by -Synthetik- September 20, 2006

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