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An especially intelligent and handsome example of the human male species usually found memorialized on street curbs.
Nonnahs was on his way down from colorado when he had a slight delay involving a California volleyball team on tour
by Sniggins May 08, 2003
Any one member(resident)of a loose knit group of mountain hippies cloistered at the base of Pikes Peak mountain that thrill in endless outdoor activity and mindless political,socio-evolutionary and spiritual debate.
don't make fun of his hair man he is a maninite.
by Sniggins May 08, 2003
To find,do,think or act in such a manner as to creatively simply something, someone or some act.
I was staying at this vegas hotel and the ice machine was way the fuck down the hall but this security guy 'sneaky shorted' me to a closer one.
by Sniggins May 08, 2003
a peepee thing, near a man's scrotum
peters girlfriend realized he had no wang
by sniggins June 18, 2006
A state of real, complete, happiness usually only experieced in the mountains.
Just hike and biked to fourteeners and I am all permagrin.
by Sniggins May 08, 2003
Ususally refered to a Texan who is unusually unTexan and hopped on on Mc'Donalds beef tallow.
Twitterfied fucktards singin in tha rain
by Sniggins May 08, 2003

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