big breasts, nice, big boobs
my breasts are on that pamela swag
by brittney boop December 01, 2011
The most amazing girl in the universe by far. She is so very sweet, caring about others, extremely intelligent, loving and sexy. She is super funny and both great to talk and listen too. she is also into music and loves to sing and dance. Especially after a few cocktails :) her voice is so sweet and soothing. her laugh I don’t even know how to explain what it does to me. and seeing her or just thinking about seeing her will actually take my breath away, she is that beautiful. Really she is beyond the word gorgeous. both inside and out.Pamela is a fantastic lover. kisses that make my knees weak. eyes that I get lost in. soft pillow talk that is an incredible turn on. being in her arms and having her in mine is indescribable. it is the sweetest, place in the world to be. if you ever have a chance to have a Pamela like this dont be a fool and let her go because you will regret it for the rest of your life. your life will never be complete and you will have to settle for something alot less meaningful. She is someone you will love so much that it hurts, and you should do anythng and everything to show her everyday how much she means to you so dont be a fool and let her go.the best thing in the world would be if the last thing that I could do everynight before I drift off to sleep and the first thing I do everyday when I awake to a new day is kiss her and tell her how very much I love her and how lucky I am that she is in my life.
She is so amazing, she must be a Pamela.

Her advise is spot on, must be a Pamela.

Turns me on with out even trying, must be a Pamela.
by friendfromde April 02, 2013
Truest of friends, good listener. Witty and charming. Beautiful eyes and soul. Passionate and caring, and can be fiercely stubborn and strong willed. Does not like to be told no. A perfectionist who often causes turmoil for herself. The girl next door, but has an alluring quality about her. Pamela is a complete package that comes with a wide variety of attributes. Pamelas are all a little different, each one is a one of a kind, unique in her own way.
I need to vent right now, I need a Pamela.

That was funny, how Pamela!

If you want a good job, just ask Pamela.

She stayed by her side until the end, a true Pamela.

What a stubborn kid, a real Pamela!
by AllyCat1979 February 03, 2010
amazing person in the world u will never find anyone better or nicer then her someone u go to for help a good listener non judgmental female Pamela is an amazing person in the world. we will always love you pamela forever in are hearts. you will be missed


hope ur rocking out where ever you are Pamela

your in a better place Pamela loves you
by we will miss you pamela April 01, 2013
A girl who is shy but holds her head up high. Is sweet, but also bad when needed. Has lots of friends but only has a couple real BFFs. Is a girly-girl, changes her crush at least every year. From Greek and means sweet as honey or lovable, And is also caring, amazing, and funny. The girl next door perfectionist, the whole package.
"I'm sad"
"Go find a Pamela"
by knowitall1234 May 18, 2010
the biggest babe ever invented. take some rides in her 'pammobile' she is such a nanny pam.

pamela's always cheerful, happy, and pammy. she loves to dye her her and is always up for a charity event.
shes the life and soul of the charity meeting, and loves a good carol song.
shes always there in her black pammobile to give you lifts and rides to your destination!!!!!!!
shes hot, shes foxy, shes fast

what is she?!
shes a pamela!

what are you doing?
im just being a pamela!

oh damn i can not get there
:O (looks outside) whos that!?

why, its a pamela in her pammobile!!!!!xoxoxo
by lezzanezza December 18, 2011
A little redhead with big brown eyes. Even though she has no sole, she still has a big heart and amazing looks. Even though Pamela's are usually white, they have bug butts which guys of all races seem to love. She doesn't care what people think and loves guys with accents. She is amazing and everyone should have a Pamela in there life.
boy #1- "Whos that red head with the butt and the eyes?"
boy #2 - "She must be a Pamela!"
by chainte January 20, 2013

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