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Describes something that is showy without much substance.
"I heard that kid is going to lead us to a championship."
"Naw, man; that kid is all glitz."

The hotshot lawyer was nothing but glitz; he sounded impressive but wasn't saying anything important.
#showy #poser #show off #baller #fake
by QDub935 May 24, 2007
Dumbfounded, confused, amazed.
Michele was glitzed, that night when she found the blinking chocolate starfish.
by Anti-Trend-Inc. January 30, 2005
1.(v)To ejaculate.
1. I got overly excited and I glitzed myself.
2. I got glitz all over her new bedspread.
#semen #ejaculation #cboiophs #cum #jiz.
by John M. Sinise August 21, 2008
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