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a device for smoking marijuana. ie a pipe.
lets smoke, do you have a piece?
by thedonkeyshow June 19, 2006
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a slang word for a gun, usually a SMG, and also a word that is only used by them N's
Nigga 1"yo mah nigga we gonna blast some bitches"
Nigga 2" foh sho, u got a piece?"
by faggerspool January 27, 2011
of or relating to sickly, run-down, bedridden or under the weather, in the sense that one is feeling like "a piece" of shit

Also used in terms of detestable, unworthy, despicable; not deserving of respect and/or genuine camaraderie
Tom: "Hey bro, you coming out tonight?"

Mike: "Naw dude, I drank too much last night. I feel like a piece."

Alternate example
Tom: "Dude, did you and Erika break up?"

Mike: "Yeah man, I found out she was hooking up with some other guy."

Tom: "Wow. What a piece."
by twbeezy11 December 15, 2011
A foine a$$ niggah or a foine a$$ female!!!
Damn dat niggah wit da green eyes was a piece and i heard he got swipe
by ~ImA b0$$~ April 06, 2005

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