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Pamela is Greek and means Sweet as Honey. The name "Pam" is rarely used by a TRUE Pamela. Pamela is a Lady in all situations and represents beauty within. Loving, very forgiving to a fault, sweet, kind, christian/godly qualities, southern values, gift giver, flashy romantic dresser, encouraging, brightens a room, friendly, fun, loving the glitz and glamor of life. So nice some people think she is a fake but she is "the real thing".
Pamela is so Sweet, it is ridiculous.
Pamela is such a Southern Belle.
Is she (Pamela) for REAL?
by Bella4Pamela February 02, 2010
A beautiful sweet lady. Kind and loving to all she meets but able to hold her own if needed. Morally inclined but not judgmental. Helps others at their lowest point and very giving in many ways. Able to deal with pain and suffering better than others.
Elaine has taken in every stray in the neighborhood.
by Bella4Pamela November 23, 2014
Octama is a woman of eight sided goodness, righteous and very beautiful. The closest you will ever meet to a godly earthly saint. Has a gift of wisdom and discernment beyond the norm. Sometimes judgmental but holds it in check. Don't box her in....she won't budge but just gets more stubborn. Talented in multiple ways. Controlled and reserved with Grace.
Octama shows inward beauty that radiates outwardly.
by Bella4Pamela November 23, 2014

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