Pamela means “loved one.” And she is. A TRUE Pamela rarely uses the name “Pam”. Loving heart, the qualities of a goddess, gift giver, encouraging, friendly, fun, loving life in all its forms. But suffers from foot-in-mouth syndrome. She is "the real thing". Loving each step in her life.
Pamela feeds wildlife. Collects friends. Plans for the future.
by WifesistermotherGoddess February 04, 2010
sometimes shy but yet the LOUDEST when she walks into a know what i mean ;] not perfect but still is confident and so beautiful. ..thats what makes her sO attractive. shes a sly cat with her words, knows what to say, when to say it and how to say it. Never washes her fruit before eating it.
"oh who pamela? oh man, that girl is good with her words.."
by helloMR. June 01, 2009
one hot babe =] that talks to phillip on aim
pamela is a babe....
by phillip from aim November 10, 2007

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