noun, pronounced F

Also known as "pubehead", which is one who's hair resembles a mass amount of pubes upon their cranium.
Guy 1: Hey Ph.

Guy 2 looks over.

Guy 1: Haha! Pubehead!

by Not A Ph April 23, 2009
Short for pool house.
The ph is commonly a place to hang out and chill, and in the warm months swim in the pool.
-Hey Joe do you want to hang out in the "ph" tonight?
-Let's have a party in the poolhouse, the ph is a great place to hang out at night.
by Hill Beldens March 16, 2008
1. Species of primate, most often found near a LCD monitor and an ADSL accessible PC. Forearms have evolved in a lengthened manner, and right hand and fingers have evolved strangely similar to the shape of a microsoft optical mouse. Left hand is of a different morphology, most similarly imitating the pattern of 'W,S,A,D' keys on a common keyboard.

2. CS player - says it all
pH: Sorry cant play WC3, am playing CS
by Jim January 06, 2004
1. One who takes an unnecessarily large amount of showers.

2. One who's head is made up of poo.
Get that ph out of the shower.

by Kon March 23, 2003
1.An owner at any online game.
2.A greedy basta'd
pH Killed HeatoN^ with Glock!
pH Victory, Tillerman Defeat

"I'm going to have 4 Mega Mac's"
"OMFG you pH!"
by KoalaBird October 25, 2003
1. A term used by many for justification of their actions. (it makes anything and everything cool with both of you)
2. Used at the beginnings of words to change meanings of them, no - matter the first letter.
orig.- Chris Lapham being a dick
1.(smack) i)ow!fucker - you're gonna pay
i)oh, that's ok.

2. i)your gay! he he he he
ii)hey!fucker - you're gonna pay now
i)ph! that means your phay - that means your a girl! (much raucous laughter)
by Tom (Welsh) January 18, 2005
short for pantyhose
"I have to go to zellers and get some ph before they close!"

"Jeannette borrowed a pair of my ph, and amazingly they fit....even with her size 11 feet!!"
by Glenda August 06, 2005

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