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officer: yo who did this shit?
Ganstah: uh it was swim, officer
by PhatMatt July 31, 2004
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Acronym meaning: Someone Who Isn't Me
But general use indicates that it is indeed the same person.
S.W.I.M. decided to walk his dog today.
by KazerDragon April 16, 2008
Someone Who Isn't Me. Most people use this abbreviation when telling some story about them doing something unsavoury, to avoid reprimand.
1337_R0xor: Last week Swim got wasted and burned down a bus shelter!!!!1

T3h_N00b: 1337!!!11
by Johnny The Homicidal Maniac December 04, 2004

commonly used to avoid self incrimination in contexts such as boards discussing drug use. also used in places where generally criminal acts are taking place. (not dissimilar to use of illicit drugs)

m is sometimes replaced with y (for you) wherein someone would be questioning another.
swim generally prefers mainlining to fix himself. also, how much does swiy pay a day to support his habit?
by Hawaiian Dicking May 08, 2009
Someone Who Isn't Me
SWIM decided to try candy flipping for the first time.
by kakolookyam March 29, 2013
1)an excuse to wake up at 5a.m. and jump into freezing water
2) a reason to jump into a shower naked with several other people of the same sex.

3) a great way to look at people of the opposite sex in bathing suits
4) an excuse to eat 5 meals a day and not gain a pound
5)the only sport that gives you hickeys
mother: is that a hickey on your neck?

child: nope, its from my swim suit.
by i love turtlez May 24, 2011
an acronym for Someone Who Isn't Me, Someone Who I Met, Some Wasteoid I Met, Some White Ignorant Male, and/or Some Wildly Intensive Masturbator. Often used in chatrooms or blog posts to disassociate one's self from criminal or morally suspect behavior.
SWIM smokes at least a 1/4 ounce of chronic every 3 days or so and is worried it is making him sterile.
by bubbadalubba January 31, 2011

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