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1. Used when moving fingers over to the 'f' key entails too much bother

2. Used to ass more punch to a word
1. He's wearing a phannie pack

2. WTPH, there's a phucking message coming through on the phax machine!!!!
by j00b November 21, 2004
The equivalent of a snowboard to be used on the water. The rider is holding onto a rope and led by a boat. The rider may jump off of the wake of the boat.
I went wakeboarding
by j00b November 26, 2003
A male with the last name Mendelson, which can be interpreted as son of Mendel, or son of Gregor Mendel who is the father of genetics. since the person is the son of the father of genetics, they are either genetics or genetics' brother.
Mr. Mendelson, Bob Mendelson, StrongBad Mendelson...
by j00b November 05, 2003
An acronym for NerdInTraining, referring to one who is only slightly nerdy, but who greatly increases his or her nerdiness through nerdy statements.
I'm not a nerd, I'm a nerdintraining
by j00b November 05, 2003
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