short for poon handeler
friend : dude i need pussy

me : dnt worry man .. im the fucking poon handeler ( ph )
by mikeaisacoolkid August 26, 2008
Player hatin'. To show disrespect to a player; or, to anyone who throws game.
You got some nerve, for P.H.-ing Jason, do you have any idea who you're facin'? -- Jadakiss, "All for the Love" lyrics
by Nugghead July 03, 2011
Initial phoneme that may be substituted for the sound "f" in English, in order to make a word seem hip or for emphasis. See also phat.
Ex: Phat Phred phaked the phull phunk, so Philly Phill philled his phace with phoul phshizzle, ya heard ph00l??
by Phyrexian Buttraper February 27, 2003
to party hard. lb/lg term
Yo dude, are we going to ph or what?
by briansg April 10, 2011
OMG! this show is P.H.!
by typsi13 December 06, 2010
Nickname for Penis Haircut. See definition for Penis Haircut.
That guy has a total P.H. His P.H. level is 10!
by Jeff and Kayla April 07, 2008
Post-Humans, like A.D. or B.C. For years following 2012.
Tom: Did you see that Qatar is getting the World Cup in 2022?

Wally: Who cares, that shit is in 10 P.H.
by oBlack December 05, 2010

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