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short for pantyhose
"I have to go to zellers and get some ph before they close!"

"Jeannette borrowed a pair of my ph, and amazingly they fit....even with her size 11 feet!!"
by Glenda August 06, 2005
867 777
short for poon handeler
friend : dude i need pussy

me : dnt worry man .. im the fucking poon handeler ( ph )
by mikeaisacoolkid August 26, 2008
281 200
Player hatin'. To show disrespect to a player; or, to anyone who throws game.
You got some nerve, for P.H.-ing Jason, do you have any idea who you're facin'? -- Jadakiss, "All for the Love" lyrics
by Nugghead July 03, 2011
3 1
Initial phoneme that may be substituted for the sound "f" in English, in order to make a word seem hip or for emphasis. See also phat.
Ex: Phat Phred phaked the phull phunk, so Philly Phill philled his phace with phoul phshizzle, ya heard ph00l??
by Phyrexian Buttraper February 27, 2003
4 3
OMG! this show is P.H.!
by typsi13 December 06, 2010
0 0
Nickname for Penis Haircut. See definition for Penis Haircut.
That guy has a total P.H. His P.H. level is 10!
by Jeff and Kayla April 07, 2008
4 4
Post-Humans, like A.D. or B.C. For years following 2012.
Tom: Did you see that Qatar is getting the World Cup in 2022?

Wally: Who cares, that shit is in 10 P.H.
by oBlack December 05, 2010
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