1. Used when moving fingers over to the 'f' key entails too much bother

2. Used to ass more punch to a word
1. He's wearing a phannie pack

2. WTPH, there's a phucking message coming through on the phax machine!!!!
by j00b November 21, 2004
potential husband; often used by college girls seeking only their MRS; rated on the acidity scale: 0=basic/boring/no potential, 7=neutral/nothing special, 14=highly acidic/so hot he can be married on the spot
Look at that PH across the room holding the door open for an old lady.
by rufgirl May 17, 2011
noun, pronounced F

Also known as "pubehead", which is one who's hair resembles a mass amount of pubes upon their cranium.
Guy 1: Hey Ph.

Guy 2 looks over.

Guy 1: Haha! Pubehead!

by Not A Ph April 23, 2009
Short for pool house.
The ph is commonly a place to hang out and chill, and in the warm months swim in the pool.
-Hey Joe do you want to hang out in the "ph" tonight?
-Let's have a party in the poolhouse, the ph is a great place to hang out at night.
by Hill Beldens March 16, 2008
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