Player Hater
Chris totally PH'ed me! I was about to bone the chick he likes so he kicked us out of his party.
by Jimbo Slice 1183 August 05, 2011
Short for Pussy Hound
Mike is a notorious PH
by Jackal March 31, 2005
um, that guy
ph is a guy.
by NEPPY! March 23, 2003
ph means a personal ho
that girl over there is my ph
by jerome February 26, 2005
when a girl takes a mans chew, and procedes to leave his presence. Then the man then finds her, and when he does he will swiftly bitch slap the living shit out of her...well deserved
Kayla took Pauls chew so when he found her he went and PHed that stupid skank!
by Alan Hanson January 30, 2008
short for " pimp hand "

(the coding makes the term keep your pimp hand strong, seem like your refer to the scientific atribute of PH)
Cj: Brooke just keeps naggin me to meet her dad

Zach: Well keep your PH strong, tell her whats up
by PB SLAPPER June 23, 2010
noun, pronounced F

Also known as "pubehead", which is one who's hair resembles a mass amount of pubes upon their cranium.
Guy 1: Hey Ph.

Guy 2 looks over.

Guy 1: Haha! Pubehead!

by Not A Ph April 23, 2009

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