The single greatest person in the history of the world.
by pH March 23, 2003
party hardy!!!
Are you ready to ph tonight?!?!?
by the pher May 26, 2009
Replacing the letter 'f' in any word with 'ph'
Phrazer, Phish, Phuck
by JoeJohn October 27, 2004
pro-hormone.... As in performance enhancing supplements for bodybuilding like Super D and Superdrol. Once taken in the body, they are essentially Anabolic Steroids( very dangerous drugs ).

It's a tragically funny series of events thats brings me to submit this definition. A friend of my friend is 26 yrs. old and wanted to get buff and used Super D for four weeks. He has been in and out of the hospital for two months with drug induced hepatitis from this ph. I was reading about it on and they kept using "ph" to refer to Superdrol. I came to urban dictionary but couldn't find a def.. Then ..light bulb time .. I figured it out on my own and this is my first post. My friend's friend will probably recover in about one year but his liver may never be the same( I'm an MD by the way ). Bottom line ... Please never use ph's!
Jock: " Hey coach, whataya think of Super D to help me get big?"

Coach: " Son.. that's a ph and it could kill you. Never use it if you want to be healthy"
by liver doc. August 11, 2010
1. Used when moving fingers over to the 'f' key entails too much bother

2. Used to ass more punch to a word
1. He's wearing a phannie pack

2. WTPH, there's a phucking message coming through on the phax machine!!!!
by j00b November 21, 2004
Player Hater
Chris totally PH'ed me! I was about to bone the chick he likes so he kicked us out of his party.
by Jimbo Slice 1183 August 05, 2011
- I know that scent.
- Because you're a ph
by ArtieParty January 17, 2009

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