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To go out partying and celebrate until you pass out, wake up naked, find that you are wearing someone else's underpants, and discover that someone has used your body as a canvas for their artistic lipstick drawings.
"I just cashed my tax refund check and we're gonna party hardy!"
by Max Starr December 31, 2009
deep connection of emotional willingness to partake in excessive forceful and potentially harmful actions of celebration.
Brenna: I haven't seen you in forever!

Grace: I know, we're going to party hardy all night long!!!!
by Because I know it ALL. February 20, 2011
A more extreme, descriptive, and specific word for partying in the sense of consuming alcoholic drinks, smoking, taking pills, dancing, etc.
Girl:"Hey do you party?"
Boy:"Yeah of course."
Girl::"Do you partyhardy?"
Boy:"Oh, no. I have my limits."
by guess789 July 14, 2010
Someone that wants to go party to dance there ass off and kick it with there friends at the party.
Dude lets Partyhardy.
by #40 August 08, 2009
The act of going to a party inside a vagina. There must be a D.J. and refreshments
Guy: We're going to have a party hardy. Do you want to host?
Girl:Ya! wait what's a party hardy?
Guy: You'll see.
by King Lebron July 05, 2009
what gay people say AKA twinks.
"hey randall lets get some zimas and wine coolers and turn this mofo out dawg party hardy tee hee."
by patrick r.2012 August 24, 2007
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