To be fiercely defeated in a humiliating manner. This may be accompanied by a slight hand movement downward as if pulling the lever on a slot machine and yelling out "owned".
Damn, RJ, David just owned you in that game. You suck nuts.
by Bigfoot1193 November 21, 2004
The term "Owned" was originally conjured circa 1986 by a small Canadian Apple II user's group in Langley, BC. Primary usage was similar to current internet vernacular, but was usually restricted to computer hardware and not gaming.

Use was slightly adapted to indicate superiority over another person. Or to declare that said person is merely chattel.
Man, the Apple so owns(owned) the C64!

I *own* people like you!
by E. Thwaites February 08, 2004
showing inferiority in any debate or loosing control of the debate.
1- Sobe got OWNED.
2- Eric was OWNED Real bad by JuicyLinks!
3- I wouldn't want to pull a SOBE and be OWNED that bad!
by Joe Mama's August 13, 2003
It's origins lie with the hacker community who would refer to taking control of a computer, effectively 'owning' it.
Hackers plays video games too, so the crossover is obvious.

Incidentally, this also the origins of l33t speak. Before teens got hold of it as a 'cool' way of talking, it was used to avoid automatic search routines looking for key words.
'I totally owned their mainframe! w00t!'
by Hendar23 September 07, 2007
n. When one is completely submissive (i.e., "the bitch") to another in a conflict
Lin completely OWNED! Joe the other day with a bombardment of pillows. Joe went home without his masculinity.
by T. Pizzle September 29, 2006
With two words - fucked up.
OWNED!Stupid muthafucker.
by koolBASD November 29, 2006
when you make a fool of self in the presence of another.
Jim: falls off a cliff.
Bob: haha, owned.
by pinkboy August 17, 2005
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