A term used to expose the apparent fault or downfall of one's success, pride or dignity in a hilarious way; to be put down by one or more people.

See pawned, own3d and pawn3d
What's this? Your mom took your allowance money away as punishment to spend on her lingerie? You're owned!!
#owned #own3d #pawned #pawn3d #to be owned
by Jose Gomez June 22, 2006
v. To dominate other person or thing so completely as to humiliate them. Often applies to first-person shooters when the victim is consistently "fragged," or shot to death.
Synonym is "pwned." Also, the e may be substituted with a 3 if the person speaks leet.
I owned this n00b...he constantly got fragged while he never got a shot on me.
by Fast_Fingers March 08, 2005
To do or say something making another person seem severely beaten or embarrased
< robT> Name ONE thing that your windows comp can do that my MAC cant
< bawss> Right click.
by f0gg0 February 19, 2005
- To get busted by someone.
- To get caught red handed.
- To get beat down physically or verbally.
- To get beat at a game of some kind.
- To get mocked out so hard, that you can never show your face in public ever again, leaving you with only one means of socialization: the internet.
MAN!!!! You got fuckin' OWNED, biotch!
by goldtoofblingbling November 06, 2004
When a person gets accidentally hurt, laughed at, and all that jazz. It is now used more often, specially on youtube, many videos are up just by typing in OWNED. Owned is now a new word to use instead of Embarrassment, humiliation, etc...
Boy gives a note to his girlfriend to her locker BUT it was a wrong locker, turns out that the locker belongs to girl that likes him. (see, he doesn't have a clue of what his done)
Boy chit-chatting with his friends...
The crushin' girl walks towards him...
Girl: hey, thanks for the letter, ofcourse i will be you valentine.. (giggles while blushing)
Boy: what letter?
Girl: don't be silly, the heart shaped that you slipped into my locker...?!?
Boy: Oh that, can i have it please? (confusedd???)
Girl: okay here....
Girl gives him the note, still blushing.
Boy: hey babe, (he yells across the room) here is your note, happy valentines day.
Everyone looks at the crushin'girl saying OWNED.
"ooooooo she just got owned.."

-A man cheats on his girlfriend (setting- mall)
Woman: are you fucking cheating on me?
Man: absolutely not baby.
Woman: then what the hell is this? (holding underwear that she found in his pocket)
Man: baby thats yours..
Woman makes a big scene, telling him its not hers...
SLAP!! everyone gasp, while looking..

#owned #embarrassing #humiliation #dayumm #omg
by KRONG-KRONG February 20, 2008
The word owned refers to something or someone becoming the property of someone else after extreme domination. Similar to being served, being owned involves becoming the bitch of someone after being totally dominated or embarressed by them. The term owned can only be applied to severe cases of kickass and the total demoralisation of someone usually in public. The ownee must accept their ownage and submit to the bragging of the owner and those surrounded them for an extended period of time.
"Oh shit i just kicked that little kid in the face, i totally owned that bitch"
"Thats what your mother said last night, OWNED"
"Dude you got owned when he held you down and farted on your head".
#owned #own3d #own #ownage #pwned #pwn3d
by Duffman25 November 10, 2005
defeated, lost, humiliated. To be the butt end of a joke.
Scotty was owned when Jared nuts were dropped on his chinny chin chin.
by marc March 09, 2005
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