the act of being someone's bitch, being in great debt to another, to be roaly fucked, to be humiliated.
The indians got totaly owned.

I owned your mom, sister, and girlfreind last night after you left.

That Navy Seal owned the shit out of Nick.
by The Daves May 22, 2005
getting beaten in a worse than sad nature
Dude, you just got owned, I saw it, freaking owned!
by soulraiser44 April 22, 2005
v. 1. Past tense of the word own.
2. To have been beaten with exceptional casualties to your ego.
3. To literally have been the property of something else.
1. Veteran: FUCK!!!! *slams forehead into palms*........{pitiful silence}
Beginner: Owned....-_-
2. I owned that nigger for thiry-eight years before he died.
by Blasphemer_0 January 24, 2005
The ruling on Saddam Hussein's court case for him to be hung, after he begged for a firing squad.
See: Defenition of owned
by Bryce M November 05, 2006
Where one clan or team will 'own' the other one. In this sense it means totally destroying them without even thinking.
OMG - GoG own so much, no one has a chance of beating them. I jsut played them and i got owned
by [GoG]Feline October 04, 2006
1:To Completely Destroy Your Opponent in any activity
2:A word spoken to hurt a noob's feelings
3:A sign of Domination.
Bitch, You Just Got Owned.
by §cagged December 11, 2005
Owned August 2nd, 2005:
Game: Halo 2
Gametype: Team Fiesta on Lockout.

I turn to Sniper tower to see a Rocket launched directly at my face. In an instinctive reaction I pull the trigger just as my sights pass over the Rocketeers face. HEADSHOT. I then proceed to sidestep the rocket and come away from the battle unscathed...That is owned.
My defintion speaks for itself.
by Tod Higgins August 14, 2005
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