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The state of an individual after an action by another has offended, alienated, or otherwised embarrassed the said individual. Examples include winning a hand in poker, defeating someone by a large margin in a fencing bout, and getting bitten by a pelican.
That kid who lost 5-0 got owned!
by Matt I January 29, 2005
to beat (win), to beat(cause injury), to embarass, to be injured by a random catastrophy variant:pwned
"Michael Jordan would own Shaq at basketball any day"
"Did you see that video of that kid getting run over by that car? Owned!"
by Tomsoma March 01, 2004
Generic gaming slang referring to a scenario where a player or any other target is destroyed or significantly damaged in a very efficient manner. Often used to refer to a humiliation.
"Haha you owned that guy big time"
by James Trainor December 29, 2005
Have possession over something or someone.
The New Orleans Saints and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers owns the Chicago Bears. I own the Bears, they are my b-----s.
by Saints October 12, 2003
To kick MAJOR ass at something
"OH, I owned at the football game," said Marshall Faulk
by Saniseiscool March 24, 2009
word most often used by 12 year old boys playing Counter strike after school. These kids have no lives and will never see a girls boobies in his life. In a sense, they are the ones being owned.
I was owned by Slayer69 last night in aztec. Of course he had hax so i wasnt worried about my rank in {ChuN00b}clan. Wanna get on IRC?
by Jonathan Wilson November 19, 2004
- To get busted by someone.
- To get caught red handed.
- To get beat down physically or verbally.
- To get beat at a game of some kind.
- To get mocked out so hard, that you can never show your face in public ever again, leaving you with only one means of socialization: the internet.
MAN!!!! You got fuckin' OWNED, biotch!
by goldtoofblingbling November 06, 2004