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The experience of negative symptoms due to withdrawl from medication, typically opiates (herion, morphine, opium.) Symptoms may include nausea, headache, insomnia and restlessness. The term is not limited to opiate narcotics.
Being dopesick, the only time I've slept in the past few days, is when my body reaches the point of physical exhaustion. Weee!
by nocturnal October 29, 2006
Variant of: Owned. See Owned.
I ownt him by running him over in a jeep.
by nocturnal January 23, 2003
To be excellent or superior.
That new video game owns!
by nocturnal January 23, 2003
To win, triumph over.
Half way through the tournament i was owning!
by nocturnal January 23, 2003
1. The sound of a gunshot as replicated by voice. Often accompanied by a gun-like hand gesture.

Rude bwoy origin.
If i sees dat battybwoy on da side of da road, BOOKA!
by nocturnal January 12, 2005
1. To shove or push someone in the face. Unlike striking.
No punches were thrown, only some handbags.
by nocturnal January 03, 2005
A slang term for PCP (Phencyclidine.)

Also see heemihead.
Yo, lets get some heemi down at the bus station.
by nocturnal December 29, 2004

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