1. The act of defeating another player in a computer game.

2. Used to add more kick to a comeback.

can also be used as izowned but never pwned...that is a l4m3r usage of the word.
1. I just owned you in Counter-Strike

2. Player1: "Man this map sucks"
Player2: "Yea, just like your mom last night! OOOOOOOWNED!"
by Metallion July 20, 2002
Something funny, ironic, yet unbelievable. Usually used when somebody is beaten in a game, hurt in an outrageous way, or embarassed completely.
OH MY GOSH! That guy got hit by a car...twice! He was totally owned.
by Blue_ February 09, 2007
A word commonly used in the gaming world.
Usually meaning getting your ass kicked in a damn video game.
DeathBRINGERXxX:hahaha nOOb i just owned you!!
theAVERAGEjoe: . . . . . .shit
by D@WSON November 16, 2006
To Own. To dominate, to defeat by a large margin.
NOTE: Only lonely virgin geek ass pricks use this term, and its other variations such as: own3d, 0wn3d, 0wned, etc.
A good way to tell if someone lacks a social life and is still a virgin is if they use this faggot ass word. Stupid nerd ass geeks.
"LMAOAMLAMOAML i just beat you for the 4th straight time in QUAKE, you got str8 OWNED!!!!"

"OMG i was in the chatroom and i OwNeD 2 girls with my funny jokes LMAOMALAMO! LMAOOOOOOO! OWNED!!!!!! OH FUCK!"
by Fat Cop June 13, 2006
used in chatroom fights owned basically means you are his/her bitch
"yo i owned you hours ago"
by Garseys March 18, 2006
three 20's in a row.
In case of Instant Kills, you just Owned that mechanical spider.
by Jim Dandy01 March 10, 2006
- Of or belonging to oneself or itself (Adj.)
- That which belongs to one (n.)
- To have control over (v. tr.)
I owned a 1985 Dodge Aries for rougly three years. After it spontaneously combusted I no longer owned the pathetic ricer vehicle.
by Great Lord Almighty March 05, 2006

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