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The misspelled form of 'Pwned.'
First, there was Owned.
Then, somebody spelled it Pwned, which has become used so much that the only time Owned is used, it's a misspelling.
by Bill Tedd May 02, 2007
1) To defeat in a spectacular way or fashion
2) To be of extremely high quality
1) You just got owned!
2) That movie owned!
by Moses48 March 17, 2007
To get beaten in a game badly. Or to just get pwned in a more intense manner.

Mostly used towards n00bs (see noobs) or more 1337 people acting in a n00bish manner

Also,when you randomly get slapped,beat up by a girl(when your a guy) or punched in the balls. Its also a form of Ownage.
1) Oh em geezorsss-zors that andrew,is SUCH A N00b I just OWNED him in Halo

2) HAHAHA You just got hit in the balls OWNEDZORZ!!!
by xCassedega February 22, 2007
When someone out does you totally, when someone does something fucking awesome.
Matt was just owned by that Jewish guy!
by Ace March 04, 2005
Gamer term:
Beaten, lost, defeated, corpse-humped into a bloody stump.
"OMG WTF you got owned by teh n00b?"
by Michael M. July 19, 2004
To dominate in a manner, especially in a video game in which you kill another player with ease.

The famous ownt variation, origin of team BoRo in MoH:AA, is a more insulting tense of the word owned.
Dude, I just owned you so hard.

You have been owned.
by I hate bad grammar. April 24, 2004
Somebody get the upper hand over you and kicks your ass in any type of contest. Words, physical, computer, sexual, don't matter.
P1: You dude, I just got 120,000 on Tetris!

P2:450,000, OWNED!!!!
by Illness April 06, 2004