After getting obliterated by a troll in a previous thread, a poster on a message board tries to exact revenge by staying up all night looking for LMFAO material.
Wow, paistorico got owned by silky.
by silky_johnson February 19, 2006
Owned bassically means you got beaten by something or someone. normally used constantly in wc3 and cs.
ChRoniK2K: oh man you owned my base with imba nightelves

A person steps under a tree and twig falls on them
person: oh man OWNED BY TWIG FFS
by G[r]ey December 16, 2004
What Jeremy says when he can't compete.
used in a conversation he is intellectually outclassed in:

"You've been owned because blah, blah, blah... my little pussy hurts. Can I go home now?"
by Mike Hunt August 24, 2004
to be dominated by someone or something
often used in conjugation with words such as indoid, hilarious, suckers, ass, sex, quite etc.
that ass did quite get hilariously DOMINATED!!!
by Hitler June 04, 2004
This is what Taow did to you. And no, you're not getting your stuff back.
Blue team clicked here and saw this, they got owned.
by {Bohica} March 10, 2004
To woop someones ass horribly in Ultima Online, Counter Strike, or any other random online game.
"Dude you just got owned by that noob ass bitch"
"Fuck you"
by Calamity October 02, 2003
When a situation commands that one person or thing has taken charge and shown total control of the transpiring event.
Caitlin thought she took control of the sexual encounter of the dead guy, but little did she know that the one in charge was in fact, the old man. Later, she finds out that she fucked the dead guy.. hence her (as of now) smirk of being a sexual dynamo will soon come back to "OWN" her.
by Jeff Chabotte June 06, 2003
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