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State that lies between Texas and Arizona, largly unknown to most citizens of the United States except for residents, the government, the military, conspiracy theorists, and some artsy folks. Best known for its nukes, Roswell, Santa Fe, chile, its perpetually sunny weather, and desert environment and landscape.
Currently and historically, New Mexico is home to a lot of top secret scientific research. Because of this, New Mexico would have the third largest nuclear arsenal in the world if it split from the US. But realistically such a thing would never happen. New Mexico also has a huge hole in the ground called WIPP for storing nuclear waste.
The state has a large Hispanic population, most of whom don't know or refuse to speak Spanish. The state also has a large Native American population, most of whom belong to several Pueblo tribes. There are also many Caucasians, mostly of Germanic descent.
Although most Americans are ignorant about New Mexico, it has played an important role in history. It was the first region of what is now the US to be settled, it was the site of the first successful Indian Revolt, it kept the Civil War from spreading west by preventing Texas and the South from taking over Mexico and California, it was the site of the first nuclear weapons test, and, well, Roswell, if you believe anything happened there.
The ups to living in New Mexico are the constant sunshine, the relaxed mood, the low cost of living, and plenty of government money and employment. New Mexico is also pretty safe from earthquakes and tornadoes. The downs are the droughts, hoodlums-scavs-chavs-ghettodwellerwannabes, and an occasional wildfire if you are foolish and/or rich enough to build a house in or near a forest.
New Mexico: The Land Of Enchantment
There's no comparison between New Mexican chile and Texan chili. Chile kicks chili's ass and is way hotter.
New Mexico sucks.
New Mexico is beautiful
by Tomsoma May 13, 2004
cigarrette, any smokable cylindrical or semi-cylindrical object.
related word: schmigarrette
Oh! That smell is from the frahos.
by Tomsoma March 22, 2003
To become stupid, a symptom of being too smart, reading l33t constantly, or sitting in one spot for extended periods of time. A dirivative of tard or turd.
Dude, I'm so turdified.
Momentary terdificatation.
by Tomsoma March 22, 2003
cigarrettes or other smokable plant.
Origin: multiple jumpy spiders smoking cigarrettes
We don't use the word schmigarrette anymore.
by Tomsoma March 22, 2003
to beat (win), to beat(cause injury), to embarass, to be injured by a random catastrophy variant:pwned
"Michael Jordan would own Shaq at basketball any day"
"Did you see that video of that kid getting run over by that car? Owned!"
by Tomsoma March 01, 2004
to beat(win), to beat(cause injury), to embarass, to be injured by a random catastrophy, variant of owned
"Michael Jordan would pwn Shaq at basketball any day"
"Did you see that video of that kid getting run over by that car? Pwned!"
by Tomsoma March 01, 2004
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