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A form of "music" that was invented by the idiots that good old rock 'n' roll wasn't good enough for. The idiots thought it would be cool to have music where someone who couldn't sing and who didn't have a band with real instuments could get filthy stinkin' rich. And buy a necklace with the money they could put another pool in their yard with.
"Hi, I'm Usher and I take your money and buy fancy jewelry with it."
by pinkboy June 01, 2005
Danyelle, you took the words right out of my mouth.
1. Someone who wears what is "in" and it is usually pink. (I have nothing against guys wearing pink, I wear it all the time but usually when girls wear pink it is very preppy). These trends come from people in the mainstream media like Ashlee Simpson. My philosophy is that preps are like lemons in many ways: they all look alike, they're all dumb, and we can't figure out what plant either of them grows on.
Preps are noobs.
(I admitt there are some girls who wear prep clothes who are not preps).
by pinkboy June 27, 2005
1. someone who's makes a fool of them self.
2. a poser.
somone falls off the half pipe.
you: you fell off the haf pipe, you noob.
by pinkboy June 22, 2005
when you make a fool of self in the presence of another.
Jim: falls off a cliff.
Bob: haha, owned.
by pinkboy August 17, 2005
1. Someone who tries to do something the right way but makes a fool of themself.
Most people would say that it's short for newbie, but I don't agree with this. Noob is so much more fun and powerful to call someone than newbie.
2. Liberals.
3. A poser.
1. Jonny: Chris fell down the half pipe.
Me: What a noob.
2. People who want to save the lobsters but kill the babies must be noobs.
3. Jonny: Look at those preps trying to skate.
Me: Yeah, they must be noobs.
by pinkboy June 27, 2005
sweet and rock on at the same time.
first used by Jason Chicoine.
you just heard an awsome CD.
responce:sweet on!!!
by pinkboy April 28, 2005
1. People On Drugs
2. Also the worlds most overrated band
1. Paranoid mother: "I wish you wouldn't hang out with those P.O.D.s at school, Bob."
2. Me: "P.O.D. thinks they're so hardcore.
by pinkboy May 27, 2005

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