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to be payed 28 million dollars a year for 20 points and 10 rebounds a game and only 40 double-doubles in a season, along with 47 percent free throw shooting and 18 points per game in the playoffs
shaq has a larger salary than the entire charlotte bobcats team
by clevelandsteamer August 07, 2005
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(n) large black man who throws it down nasty
Give SHAQ the ball in the paint and you cant lose
by Kobe Bryant December 24, 2003
He is the man who can dunk over any man.
Cannnnnnnn yoooooooouuuuuu digggggg iiitttttt?
by dbore May 28, 2003
1)noun; A "big boned person" who sweats profusely, even during little to no activity.

2)verb; To sweat uncontrollably during minimal activity
As in "to shaq it up"
1) John had to rest after combing his hair. He's a real Shaq.

2) I found myself lying in a pool of my own sweat watching the basketball game. I was really shaqing it up
by D-H May 25, 2007
1. Anything with an usual large amount of mass. 2. An overweight, cocky, and egoistic player in the NBA who plays center for the Miami Heats. Also known for having a feud with NBA star Kobe Bryant who allegedly called Shaq fat, obese, and a cry-baby. 3. A role model for obesed people. These fat people are also the ones who tend to purchase Shaq jerseys.
Person1: Hey look at that guy wearing a Shaq jersey
Person2: Yeah man, he's massive!

Kid: Dude, you better lose some serious weight or you might end up dead.
Chubby Kid: Nah, you wrong man, just look at how sexy Shaq is! I wanna grow up to be just like him!

Farmer: Betta find me a hog for dinner...oh wow, I really found meself a hog this time! It's massive, no... it's gigantic,'s a Shaquille O'neal! Man, this hog's gonna last me for 40 months!
by fuck you April 24, 2005
What you reply with if you can't come up with a favorite sports player in Spanish.
Person/Instructor/etc: Quién es tu jugador de deportes favorito? Por qué?

Response: Mi jugador favorito es Shaq porque es alto y muy rapido.
by AtmaRoM November 24, 2009
One of the most dominate forces ever to play the NBA. Currrently plays with the mighty Phoenix Suns. Talk about him being shit with his 4 rings on and the fact he carried Miami and LA to 1 and 3 championships. (Miami did shit before he came along and BOOM chamionship)
Man Shaq dominated the paint today!

I dare you to say shaq shit to his 7"2 325lbs body.
by Stat4MVP February 19, 2008
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