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when one disses one another so hard that for a breif moment, it was as if they legally owned that person.
Step dad: Eat your supper.
StepChild: You're not my dad.
Brother: Owned.
by 9aBe July 25, 2008
Word used by geek to proov themself they are cool.
Geek: ROFL I owned this bitch on WoW!
by Synnss March 24, 2007
To urinate on yourself in your sleep. This usually occurs after a night of heavy drinking.

Ownage can also occur to people you might be sleeping with or some objects your are sleeping on or near.
"Dude you pissed on my couch!"

"yeah, I soaked it......OWNED!"
by Nasdaf June 30, 2004
To be beaten; To be hit, or smacked.

You have been OWNED
by Damon March 31, 2003
Getting schooled by another person. Humiliated beyond comprehension. Stunned that you just got beat in a bet. Especially when a person argues with you that they are right, but you prove them wrong without a doubt.
Lesley (Shaft) got owned by Richard (Fluff Daddy)
The '06 rock is NOT a class gift from the class of 2006!
by Richard March 03, 2005
To slap another on the ass causing them to squeal like a bitch, i.e. Dave.
*slap noise*, "Ha!! Owned!!"
by Nic May 04, 2004
To describe something or someone that has been beating in anyway. Whenever someone is subject to humilation.
Whoa, D00D, you got owned. This is after he or she has had something happen to him or her that is not good.
by Shane August 08, 2003