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A knucklehead or other not-quite-so-smart person.
Scott: Ow, I just hit my head on the ceiling!
Katie: You numpty.
by Katie =) April 27, 2006
Someone who confidently asserts themselves towards a false truth in the presence of others. Even when the rest of the people there know that they are completely wrong.
Given the choice of a shovel or a ladder to get out of a hole, they have dug themselves, a numpty would confidently choose the shovel!
by Marc Hone February 07, 2006
e.g a bit of an idiot
someone who is a bit of a novice
"he's a fucking numpty"
"dont be a numpty"
by chunkymonkey August 07, 2005
Numpty - (pronounced nump - ti)

An individual with little or no understanding of a subject, who may find it difficult to learn by experience e.g. "See you? Ye're a grade-wan numpty - flyin' colours, nae kiddin'!"

Examples of people who are numpties:

Tony Blair (particularly with regard to his understanding of the UK electorate)

"Dubya" Bush (for his services to Play Station sales)
by not really me November 02, 2003
In the kitchen, a 'numpty' refers to the person or persons who :

a) Leave empty boxes in fridges and storage areas
b) thaw chicken stock in hot water
c) use 9 different containers for the same product
d) dont have a clue of wtf is going on around them
"That new kid is a right numpty"

"have you seen the numpty who left this empty box in the freezer?"
by Phil Scarfone July 26, 2007
Someone who has had a momentary lapse in judgement and done something ignorant or stupid.
Person A: leaves their car keys in the fridge when getting a glass of milk.
Person B: " why were your car keys in the fridge you numpty
by xXTikaXx January 08, 2007
Australian army slang for;




"That fucking numpty couldn't lace his own boots right."

"Did you see that numpty trip his own claymore? Fuckin' blew his legs off!"
by ApeShapeDeity October 19, 2013