An idiot or fool. Often used to chastise someone
You numpty! You were meant to put the lid on first!
by E*** April 08, 2008
Someone who has had a momentary lapse in judgement and done something ignorant or stupid.
Person A: leaves their car keys in the fridge when getting a glass of milk.
Person B: " why were your car keys in the fridge you numpty
by xXTikaXx January 08, 2007
e.g a bit of an idiot
someone who is a bit of a novice
"he's a fucking numpty"
"dont be a numpty"
by chunkymonkey August 07, 2005
Numpty - (pronounced nump - ti)

An individual with little or no understanding of a subject, who may find it difficult to learn by experience e.g. "See you? Ye're a grade-wan numpty - flyin' colours, nae kiddin'!"

Examples of people who are numpties:

Tony Blair (particularly with regard to his understanding of the UK electorate)

"Dubya" Bush (for his services to Play Station sales)
by not really me November 02, 2003
A person displaying a clear lack of intelligence.
The numpty voted 'YES' for Scottish independence.
by Just Call Me Fred April 14, 2015
In the kitchen, a 'numpty' refers to the person or persons who :

a) Leave empty boxes in fridges and storage areas
b) thaw chicken stock in hot water
c) use 9 different containers for the same product
d) dont have a clue of wtf is going on around them
"That new kid is a right numpty"

"have you seen the numpty who left this empty box in the freezer?"
by Phil Scarfone July 26, 2007
A knucklehead or other not-quite-so-smart person.
Scott: Ow, I just hit my head on the ceiling!
Katie: You numpty.
by Katie =) April 27, 2006

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